Hellas Oil
Hellas Oil
Hellas Oil S.A. is a greek family based company with over 30 years of experience in the extra virgin olive oil marketplace.

The company deals with the local as well as the abroad market since 1999. The headquarters are located at Amaliada in the Ilia region and the warehouse is located at Sintriada in the town of Pyrgos in the Ilia region. The company’s goal is the distribution and trade of extra virgin olive oil in cooperation with the most important local producers, cooperatives and olive oil mills. We also trade organic extra virgin olive oil and we are certified from DIO, the Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products.

Our long lasting experience in extra virgin olive oil provides our customers a guarantee for the product. We are involved in each stage of the olive oil (sampling, tasting, approval, purchase, storage) in order to guarantee the extra virgin olive oil quality . In cooperation with chemical labs we provide our customers any chemical analysis they need. We cooperate with the biggest Italian trading and confectioning companies.

The products are provided in:
1. Appropriate tank trucks
2. Flexitanks
3. IBC tanks

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