The origin of the olive tree comes from mythology. The first King of Athens, Cecrops who was half man and half snake had to decide who the patron of the city was. The two gods Poseidon and Athena had to offer a gift to Cecrops, and whoever gave him the best one, would become the protector of the city. They both appeared in front of Cecrops and first Poseidon struck his trident on the ground and immediately a creek gurgling water appeared. Immediately after, Athena struck her spear on the ground and a little olive tree appeared. Cecrops was surprised and impressed by the gift of Athena and decided to choose her gift making her the protector of this city. And so it was named Athens.

The olive tree is well known both as a symbol of peace, but also in ancient times as the trophy placed on the heads of the winners at the Olympic Games. There are also references to olive in the Bible, such as the olive branch that the dove brought back to Noah in the ark, and olive grove where Jesus prayed and was arrested.

Looking at myths, legends and facts, you will not find another tree and its fruit so highly regarded as the olive tree.

Symbol of knowledge, wisdom, abundance, peace, health, strength and beauty was worshiped for thousands of years. The olive insight, nurtured, healed, crowned, groomed and was identified with high ideals, and inspired the thriving culture for many years in the Eastern Mediterranean.

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